Netcare bursaries - The Bursary Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Advisory committee of the Netcare Group and is responsible for supporting, encouraging and facilitating all bursary activities. The role of the Bursary Committee is to support, encourage and facilitate bursary activities at Netcare. This role includes:

  • To foster an environment that encourages bursary applications from prospective tertiary learners.
  • To create a support structure to facilitate bursary application and payment processes.
  • To promote continued staff development by creating opportunities for lifelong learning.
  • To promote advice to staff and prospective external applicants regarding application and processes regarding bursary funding.

Netcare Bursaries Principle

Education and skills development not only impact on the economy as a whole or on individual organisations, but also on the individual within the economy. A well-designed education policy is the best insurance for any individual trying to find a good job or expect a better future. It is therefore a key responsibility of Netcare as a company through the Education Division to play an important role in educating individuals within the healtcare sector. 

Netcare bursaries are offered in the following categories:


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